1-Minute Meditation to Stay Positive & Focused


I have discovered that the way I start my morning sets the tone for the entire day. I used to immediately check my email, as soon as I woke up – It didn’t matter how early it was, I’d lie in bed going through emails and texts with my eyes half open. This instantly began my day in a stressful state and I had not even had breakfast yet.

I decided to switch gears and spend the first 10 minutes of every day lying on my yoga mat, eyes closed, taking deep breaths, and listening to a meditation or light music. This slowly began to lower my stress level each day. Sure, I still get cranky, but definitely not as easily. In the moments when I do, I know I can go back to that quick meditation or quiet time and it will lift me back up. It also allows me to reflect on the progress I have made and how sweet this moment is right now.

You may not be able to start every day with time for yourself, but you can certainly take one minute at a time to practice a short mediation that could change your entire outlook. It’s well worth it and you are guaranteed to feel better every time you practice it!

1-minute meditation to boost your mood:


  1. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath thru your nose while you count to five. Hold your breath for five seconds. Then exhale through your nose for another five seconds.
  2. Repeat this process five more times.
  3. Open your eyes and continue on with your day.

A few tips from the gals: 

“’Breathe, just breathe’ is my mantra.”- Jen

“There is nothing harder than keeping my mind fresh and my outlook positive when I have to spend all day sitting at a desk. I make a point of getting outside at least once during my work day, taking a walk, and if no friends are around to walk with me, I find that singing out loud to country music can really turn a day around!”- Steffi

“Keep a calendar on your desk strictly for things you are looking forward to. Look at it and remind yourself of the count down you have for things planned, shows to watch, dinners you have planned, and time you have set aside to connect with friends and family.”- Tori

Photos by Jessica Dalene Photography


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