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Tips from Extraordinary Women

There’s nothing like the positive energy and unstoppable attitude of dynamic, successful and engaging women. This week, the first-ever MAKERS Conference was held in Southern California at a spectacular setting, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. As breathtaking as the setting was, even more impressive was the array of phenomenal women (and a handful of men), who […]

Lead from Within

Lead from Within I have started to read The Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra in order to build my skills in the business world. I would like to be a leader who can motivate without force and drive success without losing sight of a personal life. Deepak Chopra has done an incredible job describing […]

12 Minutes to a Toned Tummy

My recent posts have been focused on the Spring season so it is only fitting to have an abs workout in the mix.  Your waistline may have taken a hit from the recent holiday indulgences.  A little too much chocolate from your sweetheart on V-day or far too many beers on St. Patty’s day may […]

3 Moves to Improve Posture

We have heard it from our parents since we were little kids, “Stand up straight!” Turns out, their advice was very smart for many reasons. Proper posture takes pressure off your lower back, helping keep you pain free. You look taller and slimmer when you stand up straight. You exude confidence and high self esteem […]