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Cardio Yoga: The Routine to Banish Stress and Burn Fat

There’s no question that yoga has many benefits including stress reduction, improved balanced, increased mobility and improved energy levels. The one thing that is missing from this incredible practice is the endorphin rush we get from cardio workouts. That feeling of being on top of the world is hard to beat. Fortunately, you can get the best […]

6 Tips to Stay Fit in the Midst of a Busy Week

Today, 9-to-5 is more like 7-to-7. And while productivity and ambition can be rewarding, they definitely take a toll on our bodies. We skip the hour we’d blocked out for the gym as soon as a flood of email fills our inbox. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to sneak fitness into your daily routine. In […]

The Transformative Nutrition Plan that Increases the Body’s Fat-Burning Hormones

There are numerous effective nutrition plans out there, and many of them work wonders. However, not all are sustainable or even enjoyable. I have found the best way to get in beach body shape is by implementing the 8-hour eating window. This plan dramatically increases fat-burning and beauty boosting hormones in the body without feeling […]

The Three Most Effective Ways to Burn Fat and Score Your Best Body

Turning your body into a fat burning machine requires a few important factors: strength training, high intensity intervals and proper nutrition. When it comes to exercise, the combination of lifting weights and performing high-intensity cardio activity is the most effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. Strength training increases metabolic rate and improves glucose […]

7 Steps to a Glowing Complexion and Fit Physique

Excess inflammation can cause major issues in our bodies and might destroy our efforts toward getting beautiful skin and a fit physique. Our 24/7 workweeks, lack of sleep, and high stress levels can dramatically increase inflammation in the body and leave us looking and feeling completely worn out. Inflammation isn’t always a bad thing. It’s […]

Home-Cooked Meals for a 24/7 Workweek

Eating healthy can be a very difficult endeavor for most of us who have rigorous work schedules. Whether we are getting to the office in the dark or leaving well after dinner time, it’s not exactly ideal for maintaining a healthy and fit body. Unfortunately, too many nights a week of takeout orange chicken, burritos […]