Improve Energy Levels and Slim Down at Work

Challenge: How can I improve my energy levels at work?

Solution: Take 20 minutes for a stair workout. 

If you work the usual 9-5 in an office, it’s very likely your energy levels fall or never really start and you lose focus. In order to stay productive throughout the day, it’s important to get your heart rate up and increase blood flow to the brain. The best way to do this is a quick workout. It’s not always easy to get to the gym, but there’s almost always a nearby staircase that can serve as your fat burning, muscle-building workout.

This full body workout requires nothing but a staircase, torches calories, and sculpts a strong, lean physique. Do the entire routine 3 times through. Try to perform the routine 2-3 times per week.

Step Ups

  1. Place entire foot on the stair. While keeping entire foot on the stair, drive through the ball of your big toe to come all the way up to standing.
  2. Lower foot back down to the ground, keeping the other foot on the stair the entire time.
  3. Be sure to keep chest up and core engaged the entire time. Do 10 reps each side.


Split Jumps

  1. Place right foot on the stair. Drive off the ball of your big toe as you jump as high as you can, switching feet in the air.
  2. Land with the left foot on the stair. Explosively drive off the ball of your big toe, switching feet in the air. Continually repeat the movement.
  3. Land softly and keep your chest up. Do 5 jumps each side.


Plyo Pushup

  1. Place both hands on the stair with wrists directly under shoulders and feet hip width apart. Engage legs and core as you bend elbows and lower chest toward the bench.
  2. Keeping your body as still as possible, drive out of chest and try to lift off the bench, not compromising body position.
  3. Gently bring hands back down to the stairs and lower back down into a pushup position. Repeat movement at a quick pace.
  4. Do 10 reps.

Side Step Up

  1. Stand parallel to the stairs. Lift outside leg and place foot on the stair. Press through the ball of your big toe as you step up onto the stair.
  2. Bring both feet together and then come back down, facing parallel with the bench. Do not collapse the chest or round your spine to come up to standing.
  3. Do 10 reps each side.


Depth Jumps

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart. Bend both knees, shift hips back and explosively jump up onto the stair.
  2. Land softly with chest up then jump off the stair back down to the ground.
  3. Quickly jump back onto the stair. Repeat movement at a controlled pace.
  4. Do 10 jumps.


Plank with Knee to Opposite Elbow

  1. Place both hands on the bench with wrists directly under shoulders and feet hip width apart. Using your core, draw right knee toward left elbow.
  2. Come back to center and draw left knee toward right elbow. Make sure to keep spine straight and shoulder blades down and back.
  3. Do 10 reps each side.


  1. Run as fast as possible up the set of stairs by explosively driving out of the ball of your big toe, lifting knees and swinging arms.
  2. Once you reach the top of the stair case, walk slowly down. Wait at least a minute before repeating another sprint.
  3. Do 2 sprints total.

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